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Zarqa University has chosen an approach, since it came to existence, which guarantees its success and meets its policy, away from financial success and failure. The university sees Arabic Language as one of the main building blocks of the nation. So, Arabic language and Literature was established in the first semester of the academic year 1994-1995.At the present time, the department of Arabic language and Literature involves 13 academic staff members.


Excellence in the provision of academic, scientific, and educational services in the major of Arabic language and literature at the level of B.A and higher education in the fields of teaching, research, and community-based services.

  1. To prepare scientific and research staffs specialized in the major of Arabic language and literature to contribute in satisfying the national, Arabian, and international needs.
  2. To serve the Arabic language and the human knowledge by proposing researches and serious studies.
  3. To serve the society with respect to the Arabic language and literature by holding or participating activities, lectures, seminars, and conferences.
  1. To graduate qualified staffs in the major of Arabic language and literature at different levels corresponding to the philosophy and mission of the university.
  2. To preserve Arabic language, to elevate its status, and to be careful in using and employing the language correctly in the different aspects of life.
  3. To explore and improve the students` literary talents in order to make them able to be creative in the major of Arabic language.
  4. To connect the educated person with his nation`s heritage and culture especially in the fields of language and literature. Also to have a look on the Arab thought products` in the past and now in this framework.
  5. To make use of the new scientific and technical out comes in the field of learning and acquiring language.
  6. To spread Arabic language and to be proud of it in the frame of combining authenticity and civilization.
  7. To meet with the needs of the local, Arabian and regional society of the specialists in Arabic language to work in the scientific, educational, academic, media and Administrative fields.
  8. To make the students acquiring the appropriate knowledge and information in Arabic language and literature and its four skills.
  9. To improve the linguistic and literary skills of the students that make them able to evaluate correctly what they hear or read.
  10. To enhance the skills of scientific research in the fields of language and literature.