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Department of Graphic Design tries to submit a comprehensive academic program and empowers alumni to explore labor market and pursue postgraduate studies.

Department of Graphic Design is always keen on offering unique educational opportunities that meet the international standards and providing art and education studies to answer the local community needs and development plans.

• To contribute to boost the graphic design status locally, regionally, and internationally.
• To prepare competences in graphic design in order to meet the needs of the market and the development plans.
• To provide the students with appropriate educational environment to acquire needed knowledge and skills to enhance their creative and intellectual capacity in line with the market's needs and the development plans.
• To Boost cooperation, and academic and cultural exchange between the faculty and other local, regional, and international foundations.
• To contribute to the graphic design program development, and standards of accreditation and quality assurance.
• To develop and consolidate art and academic research in Graphic Design.
• To introduce national achievements, in the fields of Arts and Design, locally, regionally, and internationally.
• To organize exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars in the field of Graphic Design, and to participate in such events locally, regionally, and internationally.
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