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Department of Interior Design looks to submit a unique academic program, which meets the international standards, and focuses on providing students with the required knowledge and skills to access labor market as an answer to the development needs of society.

Department of Interior Design seeks to prepare design specialists able to meet the needs of local and regional communities, beside their abilities to improve interior design and educational research in order to serve the objectives of national development.

• To contribute to the technical and educational research development and consolidation in fields of Art and Design, and encourage conducting studies and researches in such field.
• To conduct specialized educational seminars and conferences , organize art workshops which contribute to the development of educational environment, and promote creativity in society.
• To set up education plans meet the needs of labor market and development plans.
• To prepare capable interior designers in order to carry out development and to fulfill the market's needs.
• To establish scientific strategy to boost the status of Interior Design.
• To follow up art and education improvement, in addition to scientific researches which shall improve Interior Design.
• To follow up all education improvements through self- learning process during university years and after graduation.
• To seek solutions for the problems related to setting up inner spaces of different sectors, and help students prepare for researches and studies that shall empower them to pursue postgraduate degrees.
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