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Vision, Message & Goals
The faculty always seeks to offer unique educational opportunities that meet the international standards and provide art and education studies to answer the local community needs and development plans.

The message of the faculty aims at raising the country’s cultural, social, and economical status, improving the quality of education in the fields of Art and Design, assuring quality and uniqueness among both national and international universities through offering students and academics exclusive education and research opportunities that meet the international standards.

The faculty aims to achieve the following objectives:
• To contribute to the development of human resources locally and regionally, through preparing and training art and design specialists who are able to carry out local and regional development.
• To activate the role of university and faculty in serving the local community through promoting coordination and cooperation with its institutions, and improving mutual programs.
• To contribute to the technical and educational research development and consolidation in fields of Art and Design, and encourage conducting studies and researches in such field.
• To contribute to the academic programs development, in addition to the improvement of accreditation and quality assurance Standards in the fields of Art and Design.
• To offer students the opportunities to boost their artistic and intellectual abilities to serve the community.
• To enhance capacity of the academic staff members to serve the goals of development.
• To promote cooperation, and academic and cultural exchange between the faculty and other local, regional, and international foundations.
• To introduce national achievements, in the fields of Arts and Design, locally, regionally, and internationally.
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