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Personal Information  
Name :mohammad Issa Mehawesh
Academic Rank :Associate Professor
Office No :1338
Phone :
Department :English Language and Literature
Email :mmehawesh@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : Yarmouk University Date :
Master : Yarmouk University Date :
Ph.D. : University of Bologna- Italy Date :
Research - Journals
mohammad mehawesh , The Socio-Semiotic Theory of Language and Translation: An overview, International Journal of Languages and Literatures , 2/2
The paper intends to explore and discuss the necessity for a sociosemiotic approachin the translation. The theoretical basis for this approach is Halliday's sociosemiotictheory of language in which he stresses the unity of the text (language), context(linguistic or non-linguistic), social structure, and in which he sees language as aunique system of signs with a social function, capable of expressing the meaningswhich all other sign systems can make (Halliday, 1978). We will, in short, beattempt

mohammad mehawesh , Color Idiomatic Expressions in the Translation of Naguib Mahfouz’s Novel “The Thief and the Dogs”: A Case Study, International Journal of English Linguistics , 3/4
Colors play a vital role in people’s communication. They do not only express the colors themselves, but are alsoendowed with cultural characteristics of each nation. In other words, colors in different languages and cultures mayconvey different associative meaning and people from different cultures react to colors in different ways.The aim of this study is to investigate the translation of color idiomatic expressions from Arabic into English inNaguib Mahfouz’s novel “The Thief and the Dogs” and
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mohammad mehawesh , Translation, Copyright and copyright Laws in Jordan, Us-China Foreign Language , 12/2/129
Translators have the right to protect their work. They hold the copyright to the work they produce. Translation is aresult of intellectual creation. It is a work of mind and creative content, just like the original work. The mainobjective of this paper is to give an overview of the copyright laws, and particularly the translation copyright andthe rights of the translator. The paper begins by providing the reader with an overview of the meaning of thecopyright law, and why it is needed to protect
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mohammad mehawesh , Grammatical Parallelism in the Translation of Advertising Texts with Particular Reference to English and Arabic, Asian Social Science; Vol. 9, No. 10; 2013 , 9/10
Advertising is a specific genre which uses many techniques to persuade no matter the circumstances. One of thetechniques used in advertising is grammatical parallelism. This study is generally intended to investigate anddescribe grammatical parallelism in the translation of advertising texts with particular reference to English andArabic. The study should also provide an insight into the techniques of advertising in two different cultures inorder to demonstrate that the cultural background is ev

mohammad mehawesh , Strategies of Translating Political Texts with Particular Reference to English and Italian, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences , 4/21
The difference between Italian and English language and the variation in their cultures make the process oftranslating a real challenge. Because of the inherent differences between Italian language and English language, aperfect translation is impossible. It is the nature of languages. So many words in Italian have nuances,connotations, even literary echoes which their closest equivalent words in English do not have.Thus, this paper aims at probing – by encountering the problems that a translato
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mohammad mehawesh , History of Translation in the Arab World: An Overview, Us-China Foreign Language , 12/8
Translation is quite vital for cross-cultural communication. It helps create a better understanding betweendifferent communities through the transmission of ideas and beliefs. It has played a key role in the development ofworld culture. Translation has been always the bridge between civilizations; indeed, throughout history, writtenand spoken translations have played a crucial role in interhuman communication. This paper aims at providing abrief account of how the concept of Translation Projects

mohammad mehawesh , Review of the Importance of Teaching Pronunciation in the Arab Society, International Journal on Studies in English Langua , 3/6/
In spite of the long history of teaching English in the Arab world, little interest has been shown to English teachers. They usually consider teaching pronunciation in the EFL Arab classroom is less important than the other language skills such as reading and writing skills. This research is guided for three objectives. First: to describe the impact of pronunciation on the communication process in the classroom. Second: to illustrate the role of teaching segmental and suprasegmental features in
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mohammad mehawesh , Inshallah: Extensive Flouting of Grice’s Maxim of Quality, Asian Social Science , 11/4
The expression inshallah is one of the most common expressions in daily interactions among Jordanians. Thepaper assumes that the expression has various non-literal meanings besides the literal one which is an invocationto Allah to enable the speaker to achieve a positive or a negative action. The non-literal meanings, on the otherhand, are all cases of flouting Grice’s maxim of quality, whereby the speaker does not mean what the wordsliterally mean; however, the addressee or the hearer can figur
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mohammad mehawesh , Islamic Religious expressions in the Translation of Naguib Mahfouz Novel “The Beginning and the End”, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences , 4/12
Religion is a source from which people gain their behaviors. It usually provides guidelines and advice aboutgood and evil. It also teaches us about acceptable and unacceptable forms of behavior. Religious language isnever meaningless, so long as the interlocutors understand the information and concepts behind what they arecommunicating on. The value of any religious concept is based on its pragmatic value of the proponent.This paper intends to investigate the challenges involved in translating I
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mohammad mehawesh , The Role of Superordinates, General Words and Collocates in the Translation of Political • Speeches., Zarqa Journal for Research and Studies in Humaniti , 12/2
The study seeks to give an overview of lexical cohesion elements (superordinate, general word and collocation) in the translation of political speeches. It deals with some lexical problems resulting from the transfer of the message from the source language text into the target language text, which is often beset by many problems that most frequently result from the differences between the languages. Among the problems touched upon in this study are some of the lexical problems that any tra
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mohammad mehawesh , Stages in Language Acquisition: A Case Study, English Language and Literature Studies , 4/4
The main objective of this study is to trace the language development of the child Anwar from a JordanianArabic-speaking home, from her first vocal sounds to the first sentences. The present study which is based on“naturalistic observations” covers the acquisition of Arabic during her pre-school age. The study was carried outby maintaining the proper records of the child utterances in the form of a ‘diary’ and the traditional method ofphonetic transcription was used to record utterances. It was
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Mohammad Issa Mehawesh , The Behaviour of Colour Terms in Jordanian Arabic: Lexical and Grammatical Evidence, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences MCSER Pub , Vol 6 No 6 S4 December 2015
The purpose of this paper is to provide grammatical and lexical evidence in support of primary color terms in Jordanian Arabic, henceforth, JA. The general framework is to investigate the behavior of basic color terms in some lexical or grammatical processes and to prove that their behavior supports the division proposed by Kay and McDanial (1978) between primary and derived color terms. The evidence is distilled from various sources including: the templates used for the two groups of color

Mohammad Issa Mehawesh , Figures of Speech in the Translation of King Abdullah II Political Speeches, Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics w , Vol.18, 2016
Some translators do not pay sufficient attention to the figures of speech, particularly metaphor and simile while translating political speeches. Failing to achieve equivalence while translating political speeches, the reader will surely lose control over the universe of discourse, i.e., s/he will lose the key meaning of not just sentences but also discourse. This study would shed light on figures of speech (simile and metaphor) in King Abdullah II political speeches. This study also address