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Personal Information  
Name :Nidal Farid Eshah
Academic Rank :Associate Professor of Nursing
Office No :1777
Phone :
Department :Nurse
Email : - nfareed@zu.edu.jo

Research - Journals
Eshah NF & Rayan AH , Psychological Burden of a relative's Cardiac Intensive Care Unit admission, British Journal of Cardiac Nursing , 10(4): 194-200
AbstractBackground: Individuals’ emotions are challenged when encounteringserious conflicts originating from having a relative admitted to thecardiac intensive care unit (CICU). Objectives: To assess theprevalence of depression, anxiety and stress, and to identify factorsassociated with these emotions among relatives of Jordanianpatients admitted to CICU. Methods: This descriptive study recruited164 participants through a convenience-sampling technique. Lazarusand Folkman’s (1984) theory constit
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• Eshah NF & Al Daken L , Assessing Publics’ Knowledge about Hypertension in a Community-Dwelling Sample, Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing , in press
AbstractBackground: Hypertension is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases that affect a highproportion of people worldwide. Understanding people’s levels of knowledge about hypertension mightcontribute effectively to nurses’ efforts to prevent, treat, and control the disease. Objectives: The objectivesof this study were to identify the levels of knowledge about hypertension disease among Jordanian adults and toidentify differences in knowledge about hypertension on the basis
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• Eshah NF &Rayan AH. , Predicting the Negative Emotional Symptoms in Relatives of Patients Residing in Intensive Care Unit, Global Journal on Advances in Pure and Applied Sci , 7: 21-28.
AbstractBackground: Balanced emotions are essential for wellbeing. Having a relative admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) associated with negative emotional symptoms, and the severity of such symptoms is associated with patients' health status, patients and relatives' characteristics as well.Purposes: To assess the level of depression, anxiety and stress, as well as to identify the predictors of negative emotional symptoms among relatives of Jordanian ICU patients.Methods: Descriptive corre
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• Eshah NF. , Ischemic Heart Diseases: The unrecognized killer in the Jordanian community, Journal of behavioral Health , 3(1), 58-64
AbstractBackground: Good knowledge of ischemic heart diseases (IHD), if combined with positive attitudes and correct beliefs, may contribute effectively to patients and bystanders’ decisions at the time of cardiac events. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate Jordanian adults’ knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about ischemic heart diseases.Methods: Descriptive design was used. Convenience sample included 219 adult Jordanians who were oriented and free from mental diseases; were recrui
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• Eshah NF. , Predischarge Education Improves Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle among Jordanian Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome, Nursing and Health Sciences , 15: 273-279
AbstractRisk factor reduction and modification of patient lifestyle have become the focus of secondary prevention andcardiac rehabilitation programs. Considering the scarcity of resources in developing countries, nurses canpotentially provide great benefit to acute coronary syndrome patients by utilizing hospital time to teach thepatients how to lower their risk for recurrence and adopt healthier lifestyles after discharge. The purpose ofthis study was to identify the effectiveness of a predisch
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• Eshah NF. , Seeking Medical Attention among Jordanian Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction, European Scientific Journal , 3: 753-761.
Abstract:Background: Significant reduction of mortality rate among acute myocardialinfarction (AMI) patients could be achieved by early reperfusion. Successful reperfusioninversely related to the time from onset of AMI symptoms to treatment. Unfortunately, onlyabout 25% of patients with AMI receive reperfusion treatment and the primary reasons forwithholding this treatment was the time delay before admitting to hospital. In Jordan, asmany other countries there is incomplete understanding for the
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• Eshah NF. , Knowledge of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Risk Factors among Jordanian Adults, Journal of Neuroscience Nursing , 45(5). 13-19
AbstractThis study aimed to identify the level of knowledge of stroke and cerebrovascular risk factors among Jordanianadults. It also aimed to measure the prevalence of cerebrovascular risk factors and to compare thestroke-related knowledge among participants based on their sociodemographical data. Two hundredtwenty-four participants were included in this cross-sectional descriptive study. Data on prevalence andknowledge of stroke and cerebrovascular risk factors were collected through self-repo
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• Eshah NF. , Jordanian Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients' Learning Needs: Implications for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Programs, Nursing and Health Sciences , 13: 238-245.
AbstractThe identification of patients’ learning needs is an essential step for nurses in order to facilitate the recoveryof acute coronary syndrome survivors.This study aimed to identify and prioritize the actual learning needs ofthese patients and to explore the differences in learning needs on the basis of sociodemographic and clinicalvariables.Descriptive comparative design was used, and patients’ learning needs data were collected throughthe Patient Learning Needs Scale. The results showed
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• Eshah NF. , Lifestyle and Health Promoting Behaviors in Jordanian Subjects without Prior History of Coronary Heart Disease, International Journal of Nursing Practice , 17: 27-35.
AbstractModern styles of living and the accelerated pace of life could direct people to adopt unhealthy lifestyles. Globally,literature indicates that the percentages of people who adopt healthy lifestyle behaviour (HLB) are disappointing. Thisstudy aimed to identify the level of adoption of HLB in Jordanian subjects and to compare the sociodemographic andself-reported clinical history based on the HLB adoption level. Cross-section descriptive study was conducted and HealthPromotion Lifestyle Pr
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• Bond A. Eshah NF. Bani-Khalid M. et al. , Who Uses Nursing Theory? A Univariate Descriptive Analysis of Five Years Research Articles, Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences , 25: 404 – 409.
AbstractBackground: Since the early 1950s, nursing leaders haveworked diligently to build the Scientific Discipline ofNursing, integrating Theory, Research and Practice.Recently, the role of theory has again come into question,with some scientists claiming nurses are not using theoryto guide their research, with which to improve practice.Aims: The purposes of this descriptive study were todetermine: (i) Were nursing scientists’ research articles inleading nursing journals based on theory? (ii) I
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• Eshah NF. Bond A. Froelicher ES. , The Effects of a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program on Knowledge and Adoption of a Heart Healthy Lifestyle in Jordanian Working Adults, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing , 9: 244-253.
AbstractAbstractBackground: Improving cardiac related knowledge to further healthy lifestyles is the best preventive strategy against coronary heart diseases(CHD). Previous studies revealed a critical shortage in all-around cardiac related knowledge, plus an overall shortage in adopting healthylifestyle behaviors.Aims: To evaluate the effectiveness of an education, counseling and behavioral skill-building program in Jordanian working adults'knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about CHD and adoptio
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• Eshah NF. & Bond A. , Acute Myocardial Infarction Survivors Experiences: a Qualitative Literature Review, Jordanian Medical Journal , 43(3): 238-246.
AbstractBackground Aims: Although cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in many countries,advanced technology has improved survival rates post acute myocardial infarction. Survivors of an acutemyocardial infarction face new challenges as they try to adapt. Understanding the meaning of theirexperiences is vital for designing educational programs for prevention and rehabilitation. There has beenno research on this topic in Jordan. Therefore, this paper will evaluate personal experiences
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• Eshah NF. & Bond A. , Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for Coronary Heart Disease Patients: An Integrative Literature Review, International Journal of Nursing Practice , 15: 131-139
AbstractPrevious Western cardiac rehabilitation (CR) purported to improve patients’ quality of life and health-related parametersfor cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Nursing’s role in CR was minimally identified. The purpose of this integrativeliterature review was to determine the effectiveness of current CR programmes and to determine if nurses are includedin multidisciplinary CR teams. An online search of databases for the National Institutes of Health Library, Medline,CINAHL, Blackwell Synergy
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International conferences
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Conferences / Congresses Participated In: · Participated as speaker in the Euro Heart Care- 2015; Annual Congress of the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing and allied Professions, from 13-15 June 2015 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. · Participated as speaker in the Second World Conference on Health Sciences, from 30th of April – 2nd of May 2015 in Izmir, Turkey.