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Name :Tareq S. El-Hasan
Academic Rank :Associate Professor
Office No :
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Department :Energy Engineering
Email :tareg.elhasan@zu.edu.jo

Research - Journals
TS El-Hasan, PCK Luk, FS Bhinder, MS Ebaid , Modular design of high-speed permanent-magnet axial-flux generators, Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on , 36 (5), 3558-3561
A modular design methodology for high-speed per-manent magnet (PM) axial flux generators is proposed. Based on first principles and therefore applicable to a wide range of generators, this analytical design method is illustrated with a case study on a 50 kVA, 420 V, 3-phase, 50000 rpm PM generator. Results on the efficiency with a number of critical design parameters, including magnet size, number of modular stator stages and poles, are presented. Index Terms—Axial flux generators, hig

TS El-Hasan, PCK Luk , Magnet topology optimization to reduce harmonics in high-speed axial flux generators, Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on , 39 (5), 3340-3342
The effect of the shape and distance between adja-cent permanent magnet (PM) poles on the quality of the output voltage of an ironless axial flux PM generator is investigated. Two possible magnet shapes, semicircular and trapezoidal, with equal volume and surface area, are modeled using a three-dimensional finite-element method (FEM). For each particular magnet shape, the space between the adjacent magnets on the same rotor is varied, the induced voltages are analyzed, and the harmonic

MSY Ebaid, FS Bhinder, GH Khdairi, TS El-Hasan , A unified approach for designing a radial flow gas turbine, ASME Turbo Expo 2002: Power for Land, Sea, and Air , 1105-1117
Radial flow turbo machines have been used for a long time in a variety of applications such as turbochargers, cryogenics, auxiliary power units, and air conditioning of aircraft cabins. Hence numerous papers have been written on the design and performance of these machines. The only justification for yet another paper is that it would describe a unified approach for designing a single stage inward flow radial turbine comprising a rotor and the casing. The current turbine is designed to

W Fei, PCK Luk, TS El-Hasan , Rotor integrity design for a high-speed modular air-cored axial-flux permanent-magnet generator, Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on , 58 (9), 3848-3858
Abstract—The rotor integrity design for a high-speed modular air-cored axial-flux permanent- magnet (AFPM) generator is presented. The main focus is on the mechanical parametric optimization of the rotor, which becomes a more dominating design issue over electromagnetic optimization at high operational speeds. Approximate analytical formulas are employed for preliminary sizing of the mechanical parameters of the rotor, which consists of the permanent magnets, retainment ring, and back i

T El-Hasan , Application of Permanent Magnets in Suspension and Recoil Buffer Systems, Innovative Systems Design and Engineering , 6 (2), 1-14
Rare Earth Permanent Magnets (PMs) has inspired new applications in areas where magnets were not used before due to their outstanding magnetic characteristics. PMs such as Neodymium Iron Boron and Samarium Cobalt are now used extensively in a wide range of applications such as electrical machines, transducers and loudspeakers, energy storage systems, hybrid and electric traction drives, etc. This paper is concerned with the application of modern permanent magnets in automotive suspensi

T El-Hasan, M Elnasser , Development of a Low Cost Sensored Control for High-Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines, Innovative Systems Design and Engineering , 5 (10), 7-16
A Low Cost Control for a compact High-Power High-Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) Machine has been developed in this research. The machine under consideration has been designed to run in the generation as well as in the motoring mode for utilization in vast industrial and automotive applications. When used as a motor for automotive applications, the machine is directly coupled to a radial inward flow compressor to operate as an electric driven supercharger running in the range

T. S. El-Hasan , Modelling, Simulation and Experimentation of PM Spring, International Review on Modelling and Simulations , Vol. 9, No. 2
This paper presents modelling, simulation and experimentation of Permanent Magnet (PM) spring that is proposed as a replacement to the traditional mechanical coil spring in automotive suspension. Such a PM spring consists of a number of concentric PM rings of opposing magnetic fields. The main focus of this work is to develop analytical model to predict the magnetic flux density in the air gap between the faces of the PM rings and to calculate the total repulsive force between a set of PM r

Patrick C. K. Luk, T. S. El-Hasan , Toward an Intelligent High Frequency AC Distributed Power System: Part I; Conceptual Design, International Review of Electrical Engineering (IR , accepted to be published in Vol. 11 . No: 5
High frequency AC (HFAC) distributed power systems (DPS), where electric power is delivered at up to multi-kHz via cables, is an alternative means to conventional centralized power systems. When armed with on-line data, the HFAC DPS can perform intelligent management of power flow and lends itself to a host of emerging applications. The key enabling feature to realizing intelligent management in the DPS is the creation of a communication framework that allows the various sources and loads i

T. S. El-Hasan, Mohammad A.K.Alia, Wasif A.Z Saluos, Ahmad M. Al Janaiedeh , Arduino and Labview Based Control For Efficient Drive of Cooling Fan System, Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering , accepted to be published in Vol. 13, No. 6
This paper is concerned with the development of PID/PWM control algorithm for use with Arduino Uno and Labviewe for efficient control of a cooling fan drive system. It relies on the development and testing of a regulatory temperature control system, where forced ventilation is required via cooling fans driven by DC motors. A prototype that emulates the case of PC was developed in which a heater element was introduced in the case. An electric fan is placed in the vicinity of the heated elemen

Patrick C. K. Luk, T. S. El-Hasan , Toward an Intelligent High Frequency AC Distributed Power System: Part II; Analytical Modelling and Experimental Realization, International Review of Electrical Engineering (IR , accepted / in press
This paper explores the means by which real-time information can be achieved without installing additional physical communication channels on an existing 50 kHz current-fed HFAC DPS in lighting applications. A communication protocol is methodologically developed to facilitate robust and efficient inter-device real-time communication. In addition, analytical modelling for the current fed coupling circuit is presented. The utility of an intelligent HFAC DPS is demonstrated by experimental res

Integrated design for a high speed permanent magnet axial flux generator
Magnetics Conference, 2005. INTERMAG Asia
The generator under investigation is a single phase with an output of 20kVA at 60”. It has a modular structure that facilitates multistage and multiphase arrangement, making it easy to extent to a 3-phase generator with three fold output, for instance [I]. Fig. 1 shows the half cross section of the generator with the back-iron assembly (only one rotor disc is shown for clarity). In the current work, the selection of materia [and the profiling of the geometry of the back-iron, are consi

Rotor eddy current determination using finite element analysis for High-Speed Permanent Magnet Machines
Industrial Electronics (ISIE), 2014 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on
Istanbul, Turkey
This paper, is concerned with the determination of the eddy current losses in each part inside the rotor of the High-Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) Machine (starter/generator) that delivers a power of 18 kVA. The research is based on modeling and Finite Element (FE) simulation techniques using ANSYS where a quarter of the machine is modeled with the appropriate boundary conditions in order to minimize the simulation run time. Optimistic results were obtained which unlocked th

Sensored control for High-Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines
Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives (POWERENG) 2013
Istanbul, Turkey
This paper, is concerned with the control of a compact High Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) Machine (starter/generator) that delivers a power of 18 kVA. Ultimately, the machine under investigation is intended to operate as a motor to start a gas turbine engine without degradation of the original task of the machine to run as a generator. The research is based on modeling and simulation techniques using Ansoft (Simplorer Module) validated by the experimental tests of the sensor

Design of a single stage supersonic reluctance coilgun (RCG)
Pulsed Power Conference (PPC), 2011 IEEE
Chicago, USA
This paper presents a simple technique to design a single stage supersonic electromagnetic reluctance coilgun (RCG) for use in defense applications. Using a hybrid technique for coil optimization based on analytical, fmite element analysis (FEA) and circuit simulation, the design parameters are determined and analyzed. Further, the characteristics of the selected key components such as power supply and switching devices are presented. The RCG circuit is also presented and results obtai

Manufacturing and Assembly Processes of High Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Rotor Prototype
Recent Advances in Energy, Environment and Development (2014)
Geneva, Switzerland
This paper presents the techniques and detailed processes associated with the manufacturing and assembly of High Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator (AFPMG) rotor. The processes are targeted to address the challenges associated with high centrifugal forces on the rotor parts due to high rotational speed in the access of 50,000 rpm. Rotor critical dimensions are determined via rigor mechanical analysis where stress distributions in the rotor parts are investigated. A description

Three-dimensional FE analysis of disc type high-speed PM generators
Magnetics Conference, 2003. INTERMAG 2003. IEEE International
Toronto, CANADA
recently disc type configurations for high speed applications [1, 2], necessitates the developments of accurate methods for predicting the performance and mechanical integrity of such machines taking into account the conflicting design requirements. As a result of this dcvclopmcnt, gcncrators with high powcrlwcight ratios, high eficicncy and high dcgrcc of reliability can be made passible with minimum design and running costs. Traditional analysis and two-dimensional (2D) finite elemen

Effects of magnet topology on the harmonics of slotless-ironless axial flux permanent magnet generators
Magnetics Conference, 2002. INTERMAG Europe 2002. Digest of Technical Papers. 2002 IEEE Internationa
Amsterdam, Netherland
This paper explores the effects of the shape and configuration of permanent magnets (PM) on fie quality of induced voltage, and in particular investigates into how PM topology influences the output voltage of an ironless-slotless axial flux PM generator. It has been widely reported that the design of the magnets used in PM generators has strong bearing on the harmonic contents of the output voltage [1, 2]. High harmonic content results in higher losses and other adverse operational eff