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Personal Information  
Name :Khalid Walid Mansour
Academic Rank :Assistant professor
Office No :1820
Phone :
Department :Artificial Intelligence
Email :kmansour@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : Zarqa University Date :
Master : Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences Date :
Ph.D. : Swinburne University of Technology Date :
Research - Journals
Khalid Mansour and Ryszard Kowalczyk , On Dynamic Negotiation Strategy for Concurrent Negotiation over Distinct Objects, Studies in Computational Intelligence (Novel Insig , Volume 535
This paper addresses the problem of generating counteroffers by a buyeragent negotiating with multiple seller agents concurrently over multiple distinctnegotiation objects. Each object has one provider and characterized by multipleissues, i.e., attributes.Most previous works address negotiation strategies for simpler situations where an agent negotiates with multiple opponents for the purpose of securing an agreement over a single object with either a single negotiation issue or multiple negotia

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