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Personal Information  
Name :wasif abdelaziz saluos
Academic Rank :prif , assistance
Office No :2092
Phone :
Department :Electrical Engineering
Email :wsaluos@zu.edu.jo

Research - Journals
د واصف عبدالعزيز السلعوس , Comparison between PID and Fuzzy Logic Control in the Position of Stepper Motors, European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450- , Vol. 101 No 1 May, 2013, pp.69-76
This paper dealt with the use of Fuzzy controlled logic to improve response theposition of step motor to reach the jump less time, and study relied on modeling usingenvironment Mat lab to achieve position response using open loop, and will compare theresults of each of the controlled traditional and Fuzzy controlled with the case open loopsystem.This paper also dealt with multiple applications systems positioning and thatapplied to stepper motor, which is characterized by the presence of the win
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د واصف السلعوس , Intelligent electronic control in reading water meters, The International Institute for Science, Technolog , Vol.3, No.13, 2013
The main function of the smart meter system is to transport the volume consumption value to main data base unit (server or main computer) through some repeating points. The system included these elements: The flow sensor, the valve (DC solenoid valve), the transceiver, the controller, the LCD, Vent valve Each home or factory connected to smart meter and these meters relay the data to sub stations through any appropriate method these methods could be : Wired method Cables. RF commu

د واصف عبدالعزيز السلعوس , PID DC motor drive with gain scheduling, American Journal of Software Engineering and Appli , Vol. 3, No. 6, 2014, pp. 102-105
In this work software-based PID controller with gain scheduling is implemented to drive a DC motor. LabVIEWPID controller tool with its associated gain scheduling VI was used. Motor start up interval was experimentally analyzed anddivided into three regions with three related PID gains sets. Gain scheduling selection criterion was based on the dynamic errorabsolute value, and it was realized by using case structures. Experiments show that speed overshoot was eliminated and drivesystem response b
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Simulation and study of a chopper fed DC motor with and without an inductive smoothing coil
International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Control and Manufacturing Technology (ICICMT’2015)
Abu Dhabi (UAE
Modeling and simulation of a DC motor driven by a series chopper is given in this study. DC motor is driven by a step down chopper. DC source is used to supply the chopper. The effect of utilizing a smoothing coil on the control system and the motor performance is analyzed in both cases. The study covers the main modes of motor operation such as the transient state and steady state, at two cases. Finally simulation results are analyzed and compared for both modes.

Labview program uses in temperature control
The 2014 San Antonio International Academic Conference
San Antonio
The basic idea is to keep the system temperature in suitable range. Then the PID controller that using labview program is transmitting the control signal via cable to control the driver of DC motor Fan motor are widely used to conduct forced air cooling on heat producing electronics, to radiate the heat outside , and to extend the life of electronics systems..
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The Impact of Electric Power on Health from the Employees’ Perspective in Jordanian Electric Power Company
2013 Paris International Academic Conference / 2013 Baltic Cruise Conference
The study aimed at investigating the impact of electric power on health from the employees’ perspective in Jordanian Electric Power Company, and also to investigate the effect of job title, experience, and qualification on employees' perspectives. A questionnaire was distributed on a sample consisted of (230) employees in Jordanian Electric Power Company .The study concluded that there is a relationship between electric power and health, and it also found there is no statistically signifi
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