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Personal Information  
Name :Issam Jebreen
Academic Rank :Assistant Profoessor
Office No :1510
Phone :
Department :Software Engineering
Email :ijebreen@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : Date : 1997.06.17
Master : Date : 2003.07.03
Ph.D. : Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Date : 2008.10.01
Research - Journals
Mohammed Awad1 and Issam Jebreen2 , Interoperable Distributed Data Warehouse Components, International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 12
Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) are the major functionalities in data warehouse (DW) solutions. Lack of component distribution and interoperability is a gap that leads to many problems in the ETL domain, because these ETL components are tightly-coupled in the current ETL framework. Furthermore, complexity of components extensibility is another gap in the ETL area, because of the same tight-coupling reason. The missing exten

, Requirements Determination as a Social Practice: Perceptions and Preferences of Novice Analysts, , 8
At its core, Requirements Determination (RD) is fundamentally a collaborative social practice that involves
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Moutasm Tamimi, Issam Jebreen , A Systematic Snapshot of Small Packaged Software Vendors' Enterprises, International Journal of Enterprise Information Sy , 14 - 2
This article describes how small packaged software vendors' enterprises SPSVEs have played a massive role in a software environment and contributed dramatically to economies. The purpose of this article is to investigate and categorize the most recent of literature addressing small packaged software vendors' enterprises through a systematic snapshot research in order to identify current research topics and highlight some areas needing more consideration. The pattern of the authors' systematic ap
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Issam Jebreen, Ahmad Alqerem , Critical proficiencies for requirements analysts: reflect a real-world needs, Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol. , 15 - 3A
Abstract Requirements determination (RD) is regarded as a critical phase of software development, In particularly the involve of human interaction with RD diversity increase of communication issues such as miscommunication, misunderstandings between stakeholders that impact on software projects time and cost. Therefore, the software analysts‟ communication skills are a key factor in project success. Originally analysts‟ responsibility is RD tasks, however, due to the variety and the number o
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Integration Testing in Small Packaged Software Vendors – A Systemic Snapshot
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on
Beijing China July
Purpose- One of the most important challenges in the industries is the process of adding modules to an existing software system, how the new module can be combined with the existing modules without making any negative effect on the current system, and how we preserve on the data without any influences. However, Integration testing is a procedure can examine the process of integration the modules correctly, and ensuring the positive effect on the existing software systems during the process of c
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