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Personal Information  
Name :Issam Jebreen
Academic Rank :Assistant Profoessor
Office No :1510
Phone :
Department :Software Engineering
Email :ijebreen@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : Date : 1997.06.17
Master : Date : 2003.07.03
Ph.D. : Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Date : 2008.10.01
Research - Journals
Mohammed Awad1 and Issam Jebreen2 , Interoperable Distributed Data Warehouse Components, International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 12
Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) are the major functionalities in data warehouse (DW) solutions. Lack of component distribution and interoperability is a gap that leads to many problems in the ETL domain, because these ETL components are tightly-coupled in the current ETL framework. Furthermore, complexity of components extensibility is another gap in the ETL area, because of the same tight-coupling reason. The missing exten

, Requirements Determination as a Social Practice: Perceptions and Preferences of Novice Analysts, , 8
At its core, Requirements Determination (RD) is fundamentally a collaborative social practice that involves
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