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Personal Information  
Name :Ibrahim Naji Ghabar
Academic Rank :Assistant Professor
Office No :2272
Phone :
Department :Physics
Email :ighabar@zu.edu.jo

Research - Journals
Ibrahim N. Ghabar, Mahmoud I Jaghoub , Velocity-dependent optical potential for neutron elastic scattering from 1 p-shell nuclei, PHYSICAL REVIEW C. , 91, 064308
Background: The conventional optical model is quite successful in describing the nucleon elastic scattering data from medium and heavy nuclei. However, its success in describing the light 1p-shell nuclei is somewhat limited. The velocity-dependent optical potential resulted in a significant improvement in describing the elastic angular distributions for light nuclei in the low energy region. Purpose: To extend the formalism of the velocity-dependent potential to higher energies, and to asses
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