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Personal Information  
Name :abla Suliman Husein
Academic Rank :
Office No :
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Department :Computer Science
Email :aherzallah@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : computer information system Date :
Master : computer science Date :
Ph.D. : Date :
Research - Journals
Abla Hussein and Ghassan Samara , Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of ZigBee Node Battery Characteristics and Operation, MAGNT Research Report (ISI Thomson Reuters Indexed , Vol.3 (6). PP: 99-106
ZigBee network technology has been used widely in different commercial, medical and industrial applications, and the importance of keeping the network operating at a longer time was the main objective of ZigBee manufacturers. In this paper, ZigBee battery characteristics and operation has been researched extensively and a mathematical modeling has been applied on existed practical data provided by Freescale semiconductors Inc [1], and Farnell [2]. As a result a mathematical optimized formula has
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