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Personal Information  
Name :بلال ابراهيم محمود صوان
Academic Rank :
Office No :
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Department :Computer Science
Email :bsowan@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : /Applied Science Private University Date :
Master : Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies Date :
Ph.D. : University of Bradford Date :
Research - Journals
Bilal Sowan, Keshav Dahal, M Alamgir Hossain, Li Zhang, Linda Spencer , Fuzzy association rule mining approaches for enhancing prediction performance, Expert Systems with Applications , Volume 40, Issue 17, Pages 6928-6937
This paper presents an investigation into two fuzzy association rule mining models for enhancing prediction performance. The first model (the FCM–Apriori model) integrates Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) and the Apriori approach for road traffic performance prediction. FCM is used to define the membership functions of fuzzy sets and the Apriori approach is employed to identify the Fuzzy Association Rules (FARs). The proposed model extracts knowledge from a database for a Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) that ca