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The accounting department was established at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1994, the same year in which Zarqa University was founded and at present it is considered to be the largest department in the college. Students at this department get a bachelor's degree in accounting and the systematic study in it goes through the morning and evening tracks, students who pass the general secondary examination in its scientific and literary branches are admitted in the department, also the department admits graduated community college students in Jordan who want to pursue their university education majoring in accounting and who pass the comprehensive exam.
The faculty members are elite group of PhD holders in Accounting in several disciplines in addition to the master's holders who pursue their education to get PhD in accounting

Accounting department achievements

Accounting Department is distinguished by its graduates over ten cohorts who are graduated from Zarqa University, the available information in the Department confirms that a graduate from accounting department gets a job in his field, and he is able to deal with the challenges of practical life or the challenges of graduate studies, without any obstacles, and it is also distinguished because its graduates reached advanced ranks among the graduates of other universities in competitive examinations, which take place in many places for employment, and this result reassures the department about the graduate level, and makes it as well as looking forward to the continuation of this excellence

The department also achieved in the academic year 2014/2015 renovation of the materials plan studied by the student, so that this plan would be modern and responsive to global developments in science of accounting, and it would meet the needs of labor market

Many faculty members submitted a number of scientific research in peer-reviewed journals, and at scientific conferences, they also issued a number of excellent books, as well as seminars held always in the department, which would raise the level of faculty members The accounting department communicates with the local community, through providing it with studies and consulting, and through the direct supervision of the accounting Department students during their training in institutions and companies in the Kingdom

The department ranked first in the Kingdom in the first competency exam as well as the third. One of its students ranked fourth in the Kingdom in the first competency exam as well as the third

Laboratories and equipments

Faculty members and students of the department can benefit from college allocated computer labs, in which different and many software are available which would help them, and this includes benefit from the internal network service at the university and Internet services

The Language of Instruction

The basic language of instruction in the department is Arabic, in addition to teaching some subjects in English, which would help to develop students abilities in English in the area of specialization


Excellence and efficiency in the academic performance by using the developed technological and scientific methods in the teaching process

Departments Message

distinction in the accounting education by developing teaching methods, the academic research, and providing services to the local and regional community by preparing qualified accountants holding academic certificates according to quality standards


Provide student with accounting knowledge so that he would be able to deal with contemporary accounting problems
Provide students with the knowledge and awareness needed to comprehend the accountancy and keep up with its development at the present time to graduate a dedicated staff aware of the origins of modern accounting
Serve the local community through managing some volunteer local community institutions by the faculty member, in addition to consulting required by these institutions when they need it

Education Outcomes

When the student gets a bachelor's degree in accounting, he acquires the following skills:
  • Contact skills in Arabic and English
  • Research skills