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Quality Assurance Unit

1. Follow-up the directions, plans, and programs of the Development and Quality Assurance Unit at the university level to improve and excel in performance in the academic aspect, concerning faculty members, students, study programs, study plans, curriculum, and everything related to it, in addition to scientific research to serve the scientific research process and the local community.
2. Communication and coordination with the various committees in the faculty to follow up on the implementation of plans and programs drawn.
3. Review the decisions and directions of the Committee for Development and Quality Assurance at the university level and study and make any suggestions to achieve the desired excellence.
4. Preparing the self-assessment report for the faculty and its departments and prepare to participate in excellence competitions at the local, Arab, and international levels.
5. Follow-up the special accreditation affairs and find a state of compatibility between the reality of the faculty and the requirements of accreditation standards in different disciplines.