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Due to the significant role of the teacher as a catalyst of the teaching-learning process, and his role in the development of the Jordanian educational system, the department was established in 1994.

First: Department's Vision:

Providing rich developing educational environment to ensure distinguished innovative and creative outcomes.

Second: Department's Mission

Prepare classroom teachers capable of absorbing facts, knowledge, new trends, and the achievements of scientific and technological revolution, and prepare them academically, psychologicaly and professionally, with a focus on coordinating the theoretical and practical field applications, concentrating on the use of scientific methods in solving problems and dealing with challenges facing teachers at work.

Third: Department's goals

Classroom- Teacher Department aims at achieving the following goals:

  • Prepare qualified classroom teachers capable of effective teaching in the early grades of basic education.
  • Prepare classroom teachers able to use modern technology in teaching.
  • Prepare classroom teachers capable of conducting scientific research Aimed at solving educational problems.

Teaching methods and strategies:

  • Dialogue and discussion.
  • Collective education.
  • Education through problem-solving.
  • Active learning techniques.
  • Computerized displays.
  • Distance learning.
  • Use Library resources, for study and research.
  • Field visits and training.