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Department’s Mission:

  • • The department of kindergarten tries always to achieve the following objectives"
  • • Preparing kindergarten teachers with a great competency
  • • Assisting kindergarten teachers to develop the outcomes of the educational research in order to solve the educational problem related to children and society.
  • • Achieving the goals required by the Ministry of higher education.

Department’s Vision:

  • • The department of kindergarten seeks to reach the following considerations
  • • To be a distinguish department in preparing a well trained and qualified manpower.
  • • To achieve the national plan of the kindergarten program in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • • Acquiring the academic skills through the use of training programs in preparing kindergarten teachers.

Department’s Objectives:

  • • Preparing qualified kindergarten teachers
  • • Enhancing the competencies and the qualification of kindergarten teachers in order to produce a distinguish early childhood teachers who can effectively use the new teaching aids to improve the quality of children education
  • • Conducting educational research that related to the kindergarten programs.
  • • Exchanging the experiences and the necessary information with other educational organizations at the national and international levels in various issues related to kindergarten programs.
  • Achieving the current and future educational needs in establishing kindergarten organizations in Jordan