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Study Plan 9 For Mechanical Engineering
Course No. Course Name Hours Prerequisite
University Obligatory Requirments 15 Hour
0200102Arabic Language 130200150
0200103English Language 130200151
0200104National Education3 
0200110Military Science3 
0200111Islamic Culture and Contemporary Issues3 
0200115Society development and volunteer work0 
University Elective Requirments 12 Hour
0200112Arabic Language 230200102
0200113History of Jordan and Palestine3 
0200114Jerusalem History and Civilization3 
0200122Principles of Education3 
0200125Principles of Law3 
0200126Principles of Communication Science3 
0200127University Code of Conduct3 
0200130Crimes of Terrorism3 
0300123Principles of Astronomy3 
0300124Scientific Culture3 
0300145Principles of Environmental Science3 
0300146Fundamentals of Public Health3 
0300152Computer Skills30300151
0300161First Aid3 
0300171Introduction to Renewable Energy3 
Faculties OBLIGATORY Requirments 26 Hour
0300101Calculus 13 
0300102Calculus 230300101
0300121General Physics 13 
0300122General Physics 230300121
0302111General Physics Lab 110300121
0302112General Physics Lab 210300122
0902100Introduction to Engineering and Professional Ethics10200103
0904306Technical Writing and Communication Skills20902100
0905100Engineering Workshops (1)1 
0905103Engineering Drawing2 
0906402Engineering Economics and Management3 
0909999 0 
1501110Computer Programming 13 
Department Obligatory Requirments 98 Hour
0300131General Chemistry 13 
0300133General Chemistry Laboratory 110300131
0902305Engineering Statistics30905201
0904201Engineering Mathematics30300102
0904210Electrical and Electronics Circuits30300122
0904216Electrical and Electronic Circuits lab1 
0904304Numerical Analysis30905201
0904362Electrical Machines30904200,0904210
0904363Electrical Machines lab10904362
0905201Advanced Engineering Mathematics30300102
0905205Materials Science and Engineering30300131
0905206Mechanical Drawing20905103
0905213Mechanics of Materials30902221
0905214Mechanics of Materials Lab1 
0905301Applied Mathematics20905201
0905321Thermodynamics (1)30300121
0905322Thermodynamics (2)30905321
0905323Thermodynamics Lab1 
0905330Manufacturing Processes30905213
0905331Theory of Machines30905311
0905332Manufacturing Processes Lab1 
0905344Fluid Mechanics (1)30905311
0905361Mechanical Vibrations30905201,0905311
0905362Dynamics and Vibrations lab.1 
0905400Practical Training for Mechanical Engineering3 
0905430Machine Design (1)30905213
0905435Machine Design (2)40905430
0905440Fluid Mechanics Lab1 
0905455Heat Transfer (1)30905301,0905322
0905458Heat Transfer Lab1 
0905461Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation30905344
0905463Automatic Control Systems30905361
0905465Engineering Programming Language2 
0905481Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (1)40905455
0905571Internal Combustion Engines30905322
0905585Design of Sanitary Systems30905344
0905591Graduation Project (1) for Mechanical Engineering10905400
0905592Graduation Project (2) for Mechanical Engineering20905591
Department Elective Requirments 9 Hour
0905500Railways Technology for Mechanical Engineering3 
0905504Maintenance Management3 
0905505Facilities Planning and Design3 
0905506Finite Element Theory3 
0905530Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing3 
0905531Dynamics of Machines3 
0905542Fluid Mechanics (2)3 
0905548Power Hydraulics3 
0905556Heat Transfer (2)3 
0905570Renewable Energy3 
0905572Thermal Power Plants3 
0905580Refregeration Systems3 
0905581Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (2)3 
0905594Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering (1)3 
0905597Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering (2)3 
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