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Study Plan 9 For Energy Engineering
Course No. Course Name Hours Prerequisite
University Obligatory Requirments 15 Hour
0200102Arabic Language 130200150
0200103English Language 130200151
0200104National Education3 
0200110Military Science3 
0200111Islamic Culture and Contemporary Issues3 
0200115Society development and volunteer work0 
University Elective Requirments 12 Hour
0200112Arabic Language 230200102
0200113History of Jordan and Palestine3 
0200114Jerusalem History and Civilization3 
0200122Principles of Education3 
0200125Principles of Law3 
0200126Principles of Communication Science3 
0200127University Code of Conduct3 
0200130Crimes of Terrorism3 
0300123Principles of Astronomy3 
0300124Scientific Culture3 
0300145Principles of Environmental Science3 
0300146Fundamentals of Public Health3 
0300152Computer Skills30300151
0300161First Aid3 
0300171Introduction to Renewable Energy3 
Faculties OBLIGATORY Requirments 26 Hour
0300101Calculus 13 
0300102Calculus 230300101
0300121General Physics 13 
0300122General Physics 230300121
0302111General Physics Lab 110300121
0302112General Physics Lab 210300122
0902100Introduction to Engineering and Professional Ethics10200103
0904306Technical Writing and Communication Skills20902100
0905100Engineering Workshops (1)1 
0905103Engineering Drawing2 
0906402Engineering Economics and Management3 
0909999 0 
1501110Computer Programming 13 
Department Obligatory Requirments 98 Hour
0300131General Chemistry 13 
0300133General Chemistry Laboratory 110300131
0904200Engineering Circuits30300122
0904201Engineering Mathematics30300102
0904203Engineering Circuits lab1 
0904205Electronics lab1 
0904300Signals and Systems30904200,0904211,0905201
0904303Probability and Random Variables30904300
0904304Numerical Analysis30905201
0904362Electrical Machines30904200,0904210
0904363Electrical Machines lab10904362
0904374Measurements and Instrumentations30904204,0904328
0904375Measurements and Instrumentations lab1 
0904428Power Electronics30904204,0904328
0904429Power Electronics Lab10904428
0904456Communication (1)30904300
0904462Electrical Power System Analysis30904361,0904362
0904463Electrical Power System Lab10904462
0904470Control Theory30904300
0904471Control Lab1 
0904474Programmable Logic Control (PLC) lab10904470
0904566Power System Protection30904462
0904569Power Plants30904462
0905201Advanced Engineering Mathematics30300102
0905321Thermodynamics (1)30300121
0905323Thermodynamics Lab1 
0905344Fluid Mechanics (1)30905311
0905440Fluid Mechanics Lab1 
0906331Energy and Environment30300131
0906370Simulation and Prediction30904303
0906371Simulation Lab1 
0906401Energy Engineering Software1 
0906410Nuclear Reactions30300122
0906444Practical Training for Energy Engineering3 
0906453Renewable Energy systems30904462,0906331
0906454Wind Energy30905341,0906453
0906455Wind Energy lab1 
0906533Power Plants lab10904569
0906552Solar pv Energy systems30906453
0906553Solar pv Energy systems lab1 
0906580Graduation Project (1) for Energy Engineering10906444
0906581Graduation Project (2) for Energy Engineering30906580
Department Elective Requirments 9 Hour
0905500Railways Technology for Mechanical Engineering3 
0906511Nuclear Energy Engineering30906410
0906523Energy Efficient Design30906453
0906532Biomass Energy Systems30906453
0906534Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Energy30904462
0906540Energy Economics and Management30906331
0906541HVAC systems3 
0906558Geothermal Energy Systems30905321,0905341
0906559Solar Thermal Energy Systems30906453
0906560Design of Renewable Energy Systems30906454,0906552
0906561Fuel cells and Hydrogen Production Technology30906453
0906562Design of Green Buildings3 
0906563Hydro-electric Energy Systems30906453
0906569Programmable Logic Control (PLC)30904470
0906582Special Topics in Energy Engineering3 
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