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The Department of Radio and TV was established in 2015. It focuses on the history, theory and production in of radio and TV programs. We value critical thinking, creativity, originality, critical analysis, and ethics in both academic research and creative work. Our staff explores the social and cultural impact of radio and TV programs on society. We prepare our students to become writers, directors, managers who inform, inspire, persuade, educate and entertain their audiences.

  1. Program of the Study: The department offers a B.A degree in Radio and TV, a 4- year full- time program (132 credit hours). As an undergraduate student you will become fluent in both radio and TV analysis, production and receive training in creativity, editing and production of innovative media programs.
  2. Languages of Teaching: Both Arabic and English.
  3. Courses: The department offers a variety of theoretical and practical courses focusing on the enhancement and development of students capabilities.
  4. Facilities:
    1. class-rooms: equipped with the latest information technology.
    2. Computer Lab: equipped with the state- of- the -art software programs.
    3. Sound Studio: equipped with the state- of- the- art equipments to record and mix sound.
    4. TV Production Studio: equipped with the state- of- the- art TV equipments and software. The department is dedicated to the academic and vocational success of its students.

Graduating professional journalists who will be able to compete with other graduates for job and graduate study opportunities.ce in the provision of

Graduating professional, creative and excellent journalists in the broadcast field.

  • • The basics skills of radio and TV production.
  • • Ethics of radio and TV programs
  • • The basics of radio and TV equipment usage.
  • • Team work skills
  • • Radio and TV and satellite station management.
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