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Dean’s Speech
The faculty of Law was established side by side with the university opening in 1994 in a bid to achieve the university’s aims of supplying the legal sector with qualified workforce capable of achievement in Jordan, the Arab World and the entire world. The Faculty of Law in our young university has been of great influence as it has produced generations of graduates who have largely contributed to national, regional and international legal and judicial fields. The faculty is keen on updating its educational programs to keep up with various developments, providing a scholarly material enhancing students’ knowledge and practice.

The faculty also promotes practice side by side with theory in order to develop students’ skills, creativity and excellence in their profession. Most graduates have been involved and proved proficiency in scholarly and professional arena. The faculty has a number of varied, excellent and long-experienced teaching staff members who provide an appropriate scholarly atmosphere. Thus, faculty’s academic and administrative staff members dedicate themselves to serve and guide students to acquire a good quality education.

In its attempt to foster students’ practical skills, the faculty has set up a virtual court that is equipped with necessary scholarly and technical requirements. This will enable students, especially lawyer trainees, to better serve their local community It only consists of the Department of Law with 9 teaching staff members.