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Vision ,Mission & Objectives


Distinction in the presentation of educational, research and community services on the local, regional and international levels in all physics science.


  1. The training and graduation of trained and qualified manpower compatible with the needs of the local, regional and international markets in sciences of physics.
  2. Conducting applied academic research for the development the local community in sciences of physics.


Our goals are: to provide innovative, high quality teaching; to conduct research of international importance; to collaborate with the local industry. Graduate students in the department of physics study matter and energy on a wide variety of scales and pave the way for innovations in science and technology that reshape the word around us.
Department of physics Objectives are:
  • Teaching all physics courses required for undergraduate level.
  • Training and teaching the key skills enabling the students how to solve the scientific problems based on different analytical methods.
  • Continuously work on progressing of the plan for the department to meet the local and international needs.
  • Make sure that qualified faculty / staff members, required facilities (computers, materials and laboratories), relevant literature and re text books.
  • Ensure that graduated students up to the expectation that they must have skills and knowledge enabling them to have the right finds a good carrier bat secures their carriers or follow up their higher education.
  • Enhancement of scientific research level to fulfill the national and international needs.
  • Spread out the knowledge and enhancing the partnership with national and international institutions.
  • Ability to work with a team or as individual to solve issues and problems in the field of physics.

The main purposes of the department are:
  • Physics Teaching
  • Physics Research
  • Physics and Society

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