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Dean's speech

As part of the strategic directions for the development of educational process, Zarqa University has given exceptional priority to the progression of renewal, modernization and change in a dynamic approach. The University has appointed the Faculty of Information Technology with a exceptional Deanship undertaking the various departments dealing with different technological disciplines since the opening of the year 2014/2015, while it was a college integrated with science faculty, and was named the Faculty of Science and Information Technology of The University which was originally founded in 1994. As a result of witnessing a qualitative development in its services in various disciplines the faculty of Information Technology was innate.

The faculty of Information Technology has endeavored to develop and achieve its prestigious level of quality by focusing on the deployment of the strategic planning in order to achieve the optimal results. The use of this planning within higher education scope has become a distinctive characteristic of this era and a by all means aims directly to achieve its objectives and to analyze its quantitative and qualitative reality.

The faculty of Information Technology has distinctively awarded its students the bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Information Systems and Internet Technology to provide the community with the most competent graduates in these fields.

In the beginning of the academic year (2012/2013), the MSc program was initiated in computer science program. Many students completed their graduate studies in this program to effectively participate in the labor market. It is also worth to be mentioned that some of graduates of this Masters program were appointed as faculty members at Zarqa University. In the academic year of 2016/2017, the Master in Software engineering program was effectively launched as one of the leading programs within the Jordanian universities to fortify the labor market with exceptional competencies and capabilities within this area.