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The observer for the growth and rapid development of the Internet in all sectors of life will notice the urgent need for qualified persons in Internet technologies field who are qualified in order to respond to the rapid growth of this sector. The current development in the internet use has create a new markets and increase the need for graduates student in this field , so university has decided to initiate the Internet technology department in 2010/2011.

The goal of this program is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to develop Internet applications in efficient and effective way, and this program has been established to support the local market with the necessary practical skills required.


Pioneer department that graduates trained students who are qualified in developing Internet technology in order to meet the market needs and to support the university vision.


Introduce a unique learning environment through continues plan development and qualified teachers and by focusing in the scientific research.

  1. Continues developments in the department plan to meet the local market needs.
  2. Providing a suitable educational environment such as teachers, laboratories, books, etc.
  3. Using the latest scientific methods in teaching students to be able to solve problems related to the Internet technology.
  4. Prepare graduate students who are qualified to work in the market.
  5. Help the community through training courses that focus in using the Internet technology.
  6. Conduct researches that help local, regional and international institutions.

Admission Requirements::

  1. Students accepted in internet technology department if they get an average (60%) in the tawjehe.
  2. Internet technology department accept those students who end the deploma degree and have passed the comprehensive exam at a rate of at least (68%).


There are nine laboratories linked to internal and external network, supported with the latest equipment. The laboratories have different operating systems such as Unix System (Unix), and Linux(Linux), and Windows (Windows), and include the latest specialized software such as JAVA, VB, C ++, and a set .NET, and Oracle, and other equipment used to support the learning process such as data show, scanners, and laser printers, digital camera, and others.