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Vision, Mission & Objectives


The College of Information Technology should be a scientific institution with leadership and excellence in the field of education and scientific research and a center of innovation and creativity to serve the local, regional and international community


The College is to prepare qualified humans in the field of information technology to meet the requirements of the labor market , to keep abreast of developments in its various fields and to carry out theoretical and applied scientific researches that help in the service of society and contribute to the knowledge development .


We are committed to

  • Ethics and academic credibility which involve commitment to professional ethics that support the process of learning (honesty, credibility, sincerity, respect, responsibility) and the preservation of individual property rights.
  • Quality, excellence, proficiency and professionalism which involve commitment to total quality, continuous improvement and excellence in all professional aspects of work.
  • Leadership by the employment and strengthening of the individual staff capabilities in their appropriate places .
  • Teamwork: Working as a team and promoting a spirit of cooperation.
  • Creativity: Developing the spirit of creativity and enhancing faith in human creativity.
  • Discovery: broadening human knowledge and understanding and encouraging scientific research.

The Purposes

  • To develop and improve the educational environment in line with international and local developments
  • To raise the scientific level of graduates of the College of Information Technology, and be distinguished and highly qualified at the local, Arab and international levels.
  • To promote scientific research, particularly the applied field, and increase its effectiveness and productivity.
  • To upgrade the staff performance in accordance with the requirements of academic accreditation.
  • 2 To achieve joint cooperation between the college and local community.