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Higher Education Conference in the Arab World (3/05/2018)

Conference Idea
At the beginning of the third millennium many countries took a stand with themselves in which they reviewed their work, performance and achievements, analyzed strengths and weaknesses and identified development opportunities and options to enhance the pros and cons. This is the case with the developed nations, which realize that access to this status comes only through the education of the generations integrated comprehensive education, providing them with the rules of information, life skills, practical experience and behavioral values that make them able to adapt to modern developments and meet the challenges efficiently. Many countries in the world are reviewing their educational systems in a drastic way to ensure that they can prepare generations for the 21st century society. In view of the great role played by universities and other higher education institutions in the development of the challenges and finding appropriate solutions, was this conference.

Skills of the Prophetic Sunnah (11/05/2017)

Conference Idea
The Prophetic Sunnah faces great and varied challenges, especially in the way it is presented, disseminated, and introduced. With modern technological development and the information revolution, it is incumbent on the proponents of the Prophetic Sunnah to benefit from this development in the service of the year. The modern means of communication contain many images of distortion and abuse of the year using strategies of persuasion and art! Therefore, it was necessary to benefit from these tools in the promotion of acceptance of science, hence the idea of the conferenceto shed light on how to use the latest in the humanities, social and technical sciences in various fields, in the service of the Sunnah.

Conference on the Role of Sharia, Law and Media in Combating Terrorism (30/3/2016)

Conference Idea
Terrorism is an age-old phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of religions, nations and times. It has become increasingly dangerous in the light of the information and communication revolution, and the lack of religious awareness and legal legislation. The most dangerous threats to Arab youth are those that threaten social peace and economic security at the local, Regional and global level. Therefore, it is the responsibility of specialists of Sharia, law and media to cooperate together in developing appropriate strategies for prevention and research in the most effective ways of dealing with the scourge of terrorism.

Media Awareness Conference (13/5/2015)

Conference Idea
The discourse of awareness suffers from chaos, multiple opinions, interpretations and differences and non-compliance with the standards of freedom of expression of the legal and legal views, which has been reflected on the members of the Arab and Islamic societies. This has led to deepening differences among themselves and others and the emergence of extremist intellectual currents. So this conference came to highlight the issue in all its different aspects, and come up with recommendations that contribute to prevention and treatment.