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"What Are You Thinking About?" By the preacherSulaiman Al-Jubailan (19/11/2015)

The preacher Sulaiman Al-Jubailan delivered a lecture at Zarqa University entitled "What Are You Thinking About?" (Betfakkar-fe-eh), which was organized by the Faculty of Sharia and the Islamic Cultural Center in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs. Al-Jubailan talked about the intellectual security and the duty of the Muslim towards his country and nation and the need for intellectual awareness among university students in the face of fanatical currents that have torn the nation away from the source of this pure religion represented by the Prophet Muhammad's image, biography and family. The nation and the preservation of its purposes and sanctities, starting from the verse, "We sent you only mercy to the worlds," noting that intellectual security is the most important types of security, which live up to nations. He added that the blessing of security must be maintained, and that the origin of religion knowledge of God, and that the Muslim if he knew God and then knew his dedication in obedience, and the development of interactive intelligence and communication with youth groups introduced Al-Jubailan a number of encouraging awards by asking some legitimate questions and cultural. At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Wadi, the deans of the faculties and a large number of students, Dr. Al-Waidera presented an appreciation to the advocate Suleiman Al-Jubailan. The preacher Jubailan is a Saudi religious scholar, and is interested in advocacy and guidance, characterized by sense of humor, humor and fun when delivering religious lectures and specializes in youth.

"Enjoy Your Life" by Dr. Mohammad Al Oraifi (10/04/2008)

The Faculty of Sharia at Zarqa University organized a lecture entitled "Enjoy Your Life" by Dr. Mohammed Al Oraifi, during which he spoke about the blessings of God Almighty on human beings. He talked about the health blessing that many of us do not realize. He talked about the wisdom of the mind. He talked about a group of experiences about people who lost their mind. Is the grace that characterized God by man as he spoke about the grace of Islam and its power to spread in all the world and evidenced by the statistics of Western countries and despite all the challenges faced by Islam remained the number of those entering Islam as high as talked about the success of young people in life, and urged them not to comply with difficulties and obstacles Facing them. In his lecture, attended by more than a thousand students, Al-Oraifi stressed the need to preserve the five prayers, even if the young man is one of the sinners. At the end of the meeting, Oraifi presented 4 prizes, which are sealed with his personal stamp. The students spoke about their experience, personality, and how to overcome difficulties. The lecture was attended by a number of faculty and administrative staff.