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Scientific days
International Law and Islam: Roots and Bridges (10/04/2018)

The Faculty of Sharia at Zarqa University, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross, organized Tuesday a scientific day entitled "International Law and Islam: Roots and Bridges". Acting President of the University of Zarqa, Dr. Nader Abu Sheikha, said that this scientific day aims to highlight the common human values that Islamic law agrees with international humanitarian law in times of war and the importance of cooperation and integration in the interests of humanity.He added that the defense of human rights in times of peace and war is an important issue that must be addressed by scientific and religious institutions, noting that this joint scientific day between the Faculty of Sharia and the International Committee of the Red Cross provides more dialogue and cooperation to serve humanitarian work.The Dean of the Faculty of Sharia at the University of Zarqa, Dr. Anas Al-Khalayleh, said that the renaissance of the Ummah requires the deep knowledge dimension that establishes the sciences, values and adherence to the law. Tolerance is found in our religion for those who are not of our religion who have been with us. Society, Islam, noting that the Islamic legislation prohibits wars of genocide and destruction of property for the destruction and destruction, and the reference is to prohibit corruption in the land if the military objective is achieved and was able to the opponent there is no need to conduct operations useless.

Alternative medicine between science and Sharia (19/12/2017)

The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Zarqa University in cooperation with the Faculty of Sharia and Pharmacy organized the scientific day entitled "Alternative Medicine between Science and Sharia". The head of the University of Zarqa, Professor Bassam al-Hilu, said that the science of medicine and its profession occupies a high position among the sciences, and recently spread to refer to "alternative medicine", which includes many types of treatments. He added that Islamic law preceded the modern state legislations in establishing the rules of medical responsibility In order to protect the doctor and preserve the rights of the patient and encourages the development of the scientific approach to the medical profession, as well as the teachings of Islamic law and Islamic teachings of many benefits and rules and principles in various matters, was a beacon of the worlds. The Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Dr. Atta Ali, stressed that the College has always provided all the distinguished aspects of education and education, noting that the scientific days and activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of cooperation between students and in line with the mission of the university to prepare a generation with a high degree of science and culture.