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Vision,Message & Goals

It seeks to achieve the highest standards of quality, academic accreditation in education, qualification, and academic research for academic staff and students, local community service, combination between modernity and tradition and preserving the foundations of Islam and the purposes of Shari’a.


The faculty of Shari’a seeks to create of scientific outcomes in accordance with comprehensive quality standards in the field of education, research, training distinguished specialists scientifically, intellectually and behaviorally in the lawful aspects, and enabling them to perform an effective role in serving community in the lawful aspects, practically and theoretically in a way which reflects the image of true Islam.

The faculty aims to:
  1. Create a motivational environment for education.
  2. Create an atmosphere that encourages and develops scientific research in light of the approved quality standards.
  3. Enrich the life in university and community with quality activities and events.
  4. Build quality academic programs according to academic accreditation standards.
Core values
The faculty main values are:
  1. Comprehensive quality.
  2. Advanced knowledge.
  3. Scientific ethics and honesty
  4. Commitment
  5. Successful teamwork
  6. Improvement and development
  7. Global thinking
  8. Creativity and innovation
  9. Encourage the scientific research
  10. Self-learning and continuous education.