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Internal Research Grants

Starting from the first semester of the academic year 2010 / 2011, internal research grants are divided into 3 types:

1. Professors’ grants:
a. Minor grants: not exceeding JD800
b. Major grants: above JD800, given provided that:
1. the researcher / researchers need equipment or machinery for their project
2. author / authors of a scientific book
3. Research equipment grants:

Those equipment or machinery needed by a professor in their papers which are not available at ZU, preferably benefiting as many as possible of professors

3. Students’ grants:

Those given to students of different faculties.

How to apply to students’ grants:

a. After the relevant applications are accurately completed and filled in, they shall be submitted to the Deanship of Students’ Affairs through the relevant dean, upon its initial assessment by the faculty scientific committee (1/a + b2).
b. The proposal shall be sent by the Scientific Research Council to two referees from inside or outside ZU (1/b + b/1).


A. The researcher in minor and major grants may only submit two reports: a Prog. R. in the middle of the research period and Final R. at the end.
B. A researcher may apply again for another project if he proves that his first research has been sent for refereeing, but no proof of acceptance or publication of his research is required in this case.
C. A researcher shall not be financed for a third time unless he proves that he has published, or submitted what proves the acceptance of publishing, one of the previous financed papers.
D. For a major grant, the researcher shall provide the financial directorate and the Scientific Research Council with the original receipts of the purchased equipment or machinery.
E. All the machinery and equipment which the researcher obtains during his research period is not his own property. He may not – under any circumstances – hold it in a private place. They shall be kept in a location where they can be used by researchers in his department / faculty. The head of his department / dean of his faculty shall be responsible for following up with keeping them.
F. Finance to scientific research or research awards is not given to professors who do not wish to renew their contracts.
G. The abovementioned grants apply to all the staff members, whether MA or PhD holders.
H. dates for applying for research grants:
Period 1: 1 – 20 October
Period 2: 10 – 28 February

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