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Delegation from Erasmus+ visits Zarqa University
Date 14-12-2014

 جامعة الزرقاء - وفد من+  Erasmus يزور جامعة الزرقاء

Mr. Philip Rovio, EUdirector of Erasmus + projects, made a visit to Zarqa University, accompanied by Professor Ahmed Abu al-Hija, director of Erasmus + Office in Jordan, in order to view the progress of a project to encourage intellectual property studies at the universities in the Mediterranean basin, in which participates the Faculty of Law at the University.

The delegation was received by the president of the University, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al Wadi, and the participants of the project, whom he welcomed and praised the role of the EU in supporting scientific research activities in Jordan in general and Zarqa University in particular.

The visit aims to see the progress of the project in Zarqa University, Mutah University, and the (I-Park) center. During the visit, the delegation listened to a comprehensive presentation of all stages of the project's progress, presented by Dr. Mustafa Al-Khasawneh, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Dr. Ashraf Shaqdan, a participanting member, from Zarqa University and from Mutah University, Dr. Mohammed al-Khalayleh, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Dr. Mohammed al-Abadi, associate member. There was a thorough discussion about the project, and the delegation expressed satisfaction with the proper functioning of all levels, expressing admiration and satisfaction to the outgrowth of the results.

Given the successes achieved, at the end of the visit the delegation expressed willingness to provide support in other projects of the universities involved for their cooperation and success.

It is noteworthy that the Tempus project aims to set up Masters program in intellectual property at the participating universities, the program is characterized by providing the opportunity to graduate students in the faculties of law, business, engineering, pharmacy, and information technology, which includes a number of, regionally and globally, prestigious universities which is a scientific add quality that raises the level of higher education in the participating universities