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Dr. Hqdan (Faculty of Engineering at ZU) Wins a Financial Support
Date 13-01-2016

 جامعة الزرقاء - الدكتور شقدان يحصل على دعم مشروع رفع كفاءة قطاع الصحة العامة

The project (Erasmus +) which is about raising the efficiency of the public health sector, that is called The Mediterranean Public Health Alliance "(Med-Health)" has won  the financing and support of the European Union. This project is superintended by Najah National University and in partnership with the Zarqa University and a number of Arab and European universities.

Dr. Ashraf Hqdan (Faculty of Engineering at ZU) the winner of the project, emphasized that this win confirms the confidence of the Donator in the university and distinguishing the staff members in carrying out such  pioneering programs . Stressing the support of the university represented by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaera' and President of the University Prof. Mahmoud Alwadi projects and scientific research.

The project aims to set up a research and scientific cooperation and partnership between European and Arab universities and the establishing an advanced Master Program in Public Health, with the support and supervision of prestigious international universities.