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A Lecture at Zarqa University on "Pure Hydrogen and Its Uses"
Date 07-08-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - محاضرة في جامعة الزرقاء تحت عنوان"الهيدروجين النقي واستخداماته"

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sam Green Power of the French company H2V , Ms. Valerie Kazban, Founder and CEO of H2V, Mr. Lucien Malet and Mr. Nasser Al Khatib, CEO of Sam Green Power in Jordan  have visited Zarqa University. They met with senior officials and discussed ways of cooperation in the field of green hydrogen technology and partnership between them and future plans as  through signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Zarqa Education and Investment Company (Zarqa University) and H2V industry .  present at the meeting were His Excellency , Samir Habashneh, Vice President for Administrative Affairs Prof. Dr. Nader Ahmed Abu Sheikha, deans and a number of faculty members and administrative staff.

A lecture on  "Pure Hydrogen and its Uses' was also given by Mr. Alkhateeb who said that  hydrogen is a future topic for factories and cars. He pointed out that Zarqa University is fully qualified to cooperate to establish a specialized academy in the field of hydrogen and other areas.  The objectives of this visit are centered on the exploitation of the university's large and duly structured capabilities to open an academy specialized in  many topics related to hydrogen and methods of extraction.
Mr. Lucian said that the energy project needs scientific capabilities, specializations and expertise and Zarqa University is known for the scientific development and the  outstanding level of students. We are happy to be here because of the size of the benefit that will produce many of the projects that we aim to implement during the coming period, he added.
Ms. Kazban said that the establishment of any project should be based on the most important considerations of having a fertile environment and this applies to the University of Zarqa as Jordan is one of the first countries that started in the energy project, and the use of pure hydrogen aiming to reduce environmental pollution and improve the climate and use clean energy that preserves the environment .
The Dean of the Faculty of Technological Engineering, Dr. Tayseer Al-Ghanim, pointed out that the world has turned to the use of clean and safe energy to solve many problems that threaten human civilization.
We are looking forward to the establishment of a specialized academy in cooperation with H2V in the production of clean hydrogen and to train people in this area . The university aims to provide employment opportunities for Jordanians and surrounding countries in order to put them in the forefront and to serve the local and regional community.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of Zarqa Company for Education and Investment Company, HE Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaera' presented a trophy to the representatives of the French company, and representatives of Sam Green Power and H2V in France presented a trophy to HE Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaera'. He praised the great development and excellence in the University of Zarqa, thanking the Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Trustees and all the staff of the University for the warm reception and expressed their genuine desire to cooperate with the University.