Opening Master in Nursing Administration

Zarqa Unversity is pleased to announce opening of a new Master Program in Nursing Administration at the faculty of Nursing on the second semester 2017/2018 . The new master program is supported by the Erasmus+ Project called "The MEDiterranean Public HEALTH Alliance (MED-HEALTH)". The new program was developed in collaboration with several european universities in UK, Spain, and Belgium and south of Mediterranean universities in Jordan, Palestine, and Tunis. The Masters Program in Nursing Administration at Zarqa Univesity is open for students starting the second semester 2017/2018. The Masters Program in Nursing Management provides students with the opportunity to view and evaluate the various models of management in Nursing and health fields in theory and practice. The emphasis is on clarifying the relationship between the theories and management concepts that are studied with the reality of working life in hospitals, health centers and other fields of nursing care. The program offers various theoretical and practical methods to ensure high-quality education in the field of nursing and health management, including management of health services, scientific research, health policy, health culture and health economics and finical management. In addition, students are qualified to develop the administrative reality in health care institutions through their studies of many courses that provide them with the necessary skills to develop administrative procedures and scientific research methods in nursing, data processing and analysis statistically, the foundations of nursing theories and their applications, And other important courses.

Public University of Navara (UNPA) Public Health Faculty visit to Zarqa University Date: 4/16/2018

Visit Summary The visit program is attached below. The visit began with welcoming meeting with the president , then meeting with the Dean of Medical Science Faculty and dean of Nursing discussing public health teaching curriculum. Then visitors toured health faculties especially teaching laboratories in medical sciences and nursing. A technical meeting with project team members was conducted to explain and elaborate on practical training of public health students at Navara. The practical lecture given by Navara Staff and discussions was important to give insights about practical work needed for public health master program.

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