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Dean's Word

The faculty of Allied Medical Sciences was firstly established as the department of Biological sciences in 1995. And because of our belief in the importance of medical technology specialists and medical lab technicians in supporting the medical system in Jordan and to facilitate an accurate diagnosis for diseases, the department of Biological Sciences was evolved to the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences in 1997 to be a valuable addition to Zarqa University's faculties. The main purpose of the faculty was to provide the labor market in Jordan and Arabic World with skilled, well-trained young specialists in the field of medical and lab analysis. The faculty also aimed to provide graduates with competencies who are able to perform their duties in this sector with maximum efficiency.

To achieve these aims, the faculty has attracted a number of highly-qualified and highly-experienced staff from different fields of medical and lab analysis. In addition, the faculty has established modern scientific laboratories to serve the student in their academic and practical studies. From my position as a dean for this faculty, I urge our dear students to do their best and invest their spare time wisely in the university by attending conferences, scientific days and other extracurricular activities that are held at the university regularly. In addition, I encourage the students to visit the library frequently and to get benefits from the library services including the latest books, periodicals and electronic resources which provide the students with extra knowledge.

I also invite the students to get the maximum benefit from their assign medical laboratory training sessions in the hospitals to further develop their scientific and practical tendencies. Finally, I encourage our students to practice their favorite activities and hobbies of various kinds which will help them in developing their personalities and will enable them to be effective members in their communities and countries. Furthermore, this will help develop their communication skills and their understanding of the local community needs