About the Department


Based on the urgent community need for graduates specialized in medical and lab analysis, Zarqa University has established a department of Biology in 1994 which was evolved later in 1997 to the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences.

The department has attracted an elite cadre of faculty members with high qualification and long experience in the academic and scientific fields
The department contains distinguished educational laboratories that emulate laboratories in international universities, such as:
  1. Clinical and biochemistry laboratories
  2. Histology and pathohistology laboratories
  3. Biology and Chemistry laboratories
  4. Microbiology laboratories
  5. Anatomy and Physiology laboratories
  6. Museum of medical and pathological samples
  7. Scientific research laboratory

The department has organized the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Medical and Biological Conferences through the years 1999, 2001 and 2004. A number of professors, researchers from Jordanian universities and Arab hospitals, medical institutions and Jordanian and Arab people specialized in medical laboratories' field have participated in these conferences. It has also organized a number of specialized scientific days.

Department mission include

  1. Graduating students with high potencies in the field of medical and laboratory technology.
  2. Supply the job market with specialized and competent personnel in medical and laboratory fields.
  3. Graduating students with the ability of learning and teaching in the medical and laboratory fields.
  4. Enhance knowledge aspects and develop integrated and balanced personal attitudes for students.
  5. Enhance scientific research spirit among students.
  6. Improve communication skills for students.
  7. Emphasis on academic and cognitive achievement of the student.
  8. Introduce students to the latest achievements in medical laboratory field.
  9. Introduce students to modern laboratory techniques, particularly those related to devices and their related computerized programs.
  10. Take the advantage of students’ potential to be directed towards the nation and society benefit.