About the Faculty


The faculty was firstly established as the department of Biological sciences in 1995.Then it was evolved to the faculty of Allied medical Sciences in 1997. This Faculty gained general and special accreditation and it contains at the moment only the department of Medical Technology. The faculty encompasses 200 students from Arabic and non-Arabic countries including, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain Egypt and Eritrea. These students are being taught by 12 highly qualified teaching staff. These staff members are graduated from highly reputable universities and they are specialized in various biological, medical and chemical fields. Furthermore, the faculty is privileged by 6 latest-technology-equipped laboratories that are supervised by 6 specialists in chemical and medical analysis fields.

The faculty students are trained in Jordanian governmental and private accredited hospitals. This will prepare them to proceed in their medical career with professionalism and self-confidence. Furthermore, the faculty has organized three scientific conferences that were attended by academics from different Jordanian and Arabic universities, specialist from hospitals and professionals from the health and medical sectors.

The faculty had organized several open scientific days and scientific exhibition. At the same time, a number of specialized seminars and lectures were held at the faculty. These lectures and seminar were structured to focus on the most recent approaches in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. Meanwhile, the Faculty members have participated in several local and international conferences, training courses and many professional workshops. They also published a number of specialized, scientific articles and papers in local and international Journals.

Forty to sixty students are expected to be graduated each year from the faculty.

The Faculty is intending to establish departments related to the following fields: The environmental management and pollution, nutrition and food manufacturing, biotechnology and genetic engineering, physical therapy, and the graduate program in medical technology - Allah willing -.