No Conference Title Location Date
1 Jerusalem in Contemporary Discourse Zarqa University 12-13 /5/1998
2 Islamic Literature: Reality and Ambition Zarqa University 4-6 /5/1999
3 Translation: Our Window to the World Zarqa University 2-3 /5/2000
4 Cultural Development in Jordan and Palestine Zarqa University 8-9 /5/2003
5 The Nation's Civilization and the Challenge of Informatics in the Twentieth Century Zarqa University 18-20 /5/2004
6 The Llibrary is a Source of Knowledge and Development: Reality and Ambition Zarqa University 13-14 /12/2007
7 Arabic Language: The Praised Past and the Desired Future Zarqa University 30/11/2010-1/12/2010
8 The Second International Conference of the Department of English Language and Translation entitled: Perspectives for Contemporary Academic Research Zarqa University 28-29 /3/2012
9 Translation Across Time and Space Zarqa University 29/4/2015
10 The linguistic and Literary Heritage in the Eyes of the Modernists Zarqa University 4-5/11/2015
11 Cultural Dialogue in Literature, Language, and Translation Zarqa University 14-15/11/2018