About the Department


The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was established at Zarqa University, believing that the Arabic language is the solid foundation for understanding and assimilating other sciences, and that knowledge of this language is a duty for the people of the nation. This department is to serve the Arabic language, confirm confidence and pride in it, preserve its material and delve into the study of its sciences and literature. The department pays great attention to the intellectual and professional formation of students, their knowledge acquisition, and works to improve their academic level, and that is by introducing them to the latest knowledge methods, using modern and advanced means of information, ensuring their direct connection with the first sources of knowledge, and training them to follow the rules of the scientific method in rational critical research in education, and encourage them to free and sound expression, which at the same time respects the opinions of others, and the department is keen on the creative goal, creating a self-knowledge entity for Arab culture, rooting its identity, and deepening its study with interest in coordination with similar departments on the regional and international scale in a way that serves national interests. In addition to paying attention to joint research between the department and similar departments in other universities, activating agreements with these universities and exchanges at both levels of students and faculty members.