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The of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design was established in 2010, and was inaugurated in 2011 under the patronage of the minister of higher education and research. The establishment of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design came as an idea of expanding the framework of the programs submitted by Zarqa University to answer the needs of local and regional communities. It also contributes to the development of human resources, locally and regionally, through building the capacity of art and design specialists who are able to carry out local and regional development.

In addition, it seeks to improve education in the fields of Art and Design, meet the standards of accreditation, quality assurance, and superiority among its national and international counterparts through offering exclusive educational and research opportunities that meet the international standards.

The faculty includes the following departments:
- Department of Graphic Design.
- Department of Interior Design.

Since its establishment, the faculty has made many achievements and shown remarkable presence at local, regional and international levels represented by its membership in the International Council Organization of Graphic Design Associations “ICOGRADA” and by participating in many scientific conferences, art workshops and biennials such as, the International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication and the 5th International Biennial Design Exhibition in Cyprus and a whole lot more. The faculty has strong relations with International academic institutions as it has singed a scientifically and creatively cooperation agreement with Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz, Poland. Regarding its cooperation with local community institutions, the faculty has collaborated with Jordanian Plastic Artist Association for organizing the 1st International Amman meeting on Graphic Design accompanied with its colloquiums and workshops.

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