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About the Faculty


The Faculty of Economics and Business Administrative Sciences was established with the establishment of the university in 1994; to be one of the university's pillars that contributes in achieving its scientific and social mission, and to supply the various sectors in the Kingdom and abroad with highly qualified human resources , who are scientifically and practically trained in the various business administrative and economics fields.

The college started with bachelor's degree programs in the fields of business administration, accounting, and financial and banking sciences in 1994, then expanded in 1999 with the establishment of the Economics Department, and in 2001 the Marketing and Management Information Systems departments were established. In 2006 the Accounting Information Systems Department was established. In 2010 The Islamic Banking Department was established in response to the requirements of the labor market.

The college started in 2010 with a postgraduate program (Masters) in Accounting, in 2013 a postgraduate program (Masters) in Marketing, in 2015 a graduate program (Masters) in Business Management , and in 2016 a postgraduate program (Masters) in Islamic banks was established. The faculty is constantly updating study plans, holding seminars, workshops in scientific and practical fields, and scientific days to follow up on everything new in business administrative and economic sciences. The college seeks to attract distinguished faculty members in their academic specializations.

Quality in teaching is considered to be one of the most important concerns of the college, in addition to the use of modern electronic teaching strategies and the provision of a distinguished scientific research environment for faculty members and students. The college holds an annual international conference, where the twelfth international conference was held during the academic year 2017/2018 under the title (Islamic Banking : Four Decades after its Emergence ) and in the presence of Tens of researchers from Jordan and the Arab world.