About the Faculty


Established in 1994, the Faculty of Educational Sciences is considered as one of the main faculties at the University. Itُs importance is reflected in its mission in pursuing excellence of education to serve the Jordanian as well as Arab societies and ensuring Excellence in teaching and outcomes.

Awarded degrees:
The Faculty awards Bachelor degree (B.A) in: Classroom Teacher, Library and Information Science, and Kindergarten.


  1. Attracting distinguished, and well qualified faculty members.
  2. Ensuring practical and field training of high quality standards.
  3. Providing modern teaching methods such as using critical thinking, innovative and creative thinking, problem solving strategies, etc.
  4. Using e-Learning in teaching different subjects.
  5. Ensuring excellent scientific research environment for teaching staff and students.
  6. Ensuring accreditation requirements.
  7. Cooperating with various local institutions.

The Faculty Activities:

  • Teaching staff training programme at the beginning of each academic year.
  • The 1st Book Exhibition on 21-23/10/2014.
  • The 5th Annual Conference: Educational Innovations and Future Challenges. On 16-17/4/2014, Zarqa University.
  • The 6th International Conference of the Educational Science faculty "Education in an Innovative Digital Environment" on 6-7/5/2015, Zarqa University.
  • Supervision of Zarqa kindergartens and schools.
  • Lectures and seminars aimed at the development of faculty members.
Sharing the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Jordan a conference titled "Higher Education in Arab Countries towards Competitiveness, 11-12/5/2016.