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Welcome to the faculty of Pharmacy website

The faculty of pharmacy at Zarqa University is the first faculty in both private and public universities that serve the community of Zarqa and Mafraq. At the beginning of the first semester 2010-2011, study has started at the faculty. The pharmacy profession is considered important due to the need of this profession in both Arabic and Jordanian markets. The faculty provides students with an exceptional education because of the quality of its curriculum, staff, student services, experiential programs, and the quality of the students themselves.

The curriculum of the program was prepared to cope with the dynamic changes in the pharmacy profession and so patient oriented approach was adopted in our faculty with more concentration on clinical pharmacy, therapeutics and patient counseling. In addition, pharmacy training has been given credit hours in a community or a hospital pharmacy to cover major classes of drugs. At the present time, the faculty involves distinguished academic staff members who pursued their postgraduate studies in reputable national and international universities.

Responding to the faculty’s vision and message, the faculty, based on quality educational methods, and highly qualified academic staff members, aims at doing the following goals:

  • Providing local and international labor market with highly qualified pharmacists with highly professional ethics and morals.
  • Boosting health care sector in Jordan.
  • Encouraging academic staff members to conduct research papers contributing to the needs of local drug industry.
  • Offering and improving educational pharmacy programs in order to expand professional interaction among pharmacists.
  • Preparing highly qualified and specialized students to pursue their postgraduate studies in different fields of pharmacy.

It is worth mentioning that the number of pharmacy students keeps expanding as it is the first faculty in both private and public universities that serve the community of Zarqa and Mafraq. The faculty involves skilled academic staff members as well as laboratory supervisors. Since Pharmacy profession is now important and in high demand by both Jordanian and Arab markets, the faculty provides its students with exceptional education.

Furthermore, the faculty consists of rooms equipped with modern educational methods, two computer labs with 40 computers connected to internet and provided with software programs relevant to pharmacy. Moreover, it houses many educational laboratories: Pharmaceutics Lab, Pharmaceutical Testing Lab, Physical Pharmacy Lab, Pharmaceutical analysis lab, Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab, Medical Chemistry Lab, Pharmacology and Toxicology Lab, Drugs and Drug Chemistry Lab, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Lab, Biotechnology Lab, Pharmaceutical Microbiotic Lab, Industrial Pharmacy Lab, Pharmacokinetics Lab, Clinical pharmacy and Clinical Care Lab, and Scientific Research Lab.

Seeking the desire of connecting knowledge with practice, the faculty established a Museum of Medical Plants and Pharmacy and virtual pharmacy.

The faculty is committed to participate in scientific conferences inside and outside. A scientific day is carried out annually to cover different aspects of pharmacy.

The faculty is also concerned with voluntary work and free medical days.

Whether you are a current student, prospective student, or part of the pharmacy field, I hope that our website will be useful and informative to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.