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The faculty of Pharmacy was established at the beginning of the first semester of the 2010-2011 academic year, to be the third faculty of health sciences in the university after the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and the faculty of Nursing, and to provide the governorates of Zarqa and Mafraq in particular and the Jordanian and Arab market in general with highly qualified pharmacists.

The faculty started with a bachelor's degree program and a six-member faculty who supervised the preparation of educational laboratories, the virtual pharmacy and the Museum of Medicinal Plants. They also prepared the terms of the study program, the curriculum and the practical guide.

The faculty at present consists of two department that grants a bachelor's program in pharmacy and a master's program in "Pharmaceutical Sciences''. The number of faculty members is currently (24), and the number of administrators in it is (11).

The faculty currently includes ((14) laboratories that serve both educational and research processes, equipped with the latest devices that make them competitive at the local and global level, and also includes among its facilities a virtual pharmacy and a museum of medicinal plants. The faculty also has two computer labs equipped with fifty computers available for students to use, all linked to the Internet, and equipped with a number of pharmacy-related programs such as the Drug Design Program and the Pharmacy Management Program (Smart).

The faculty seeks to identify the means that enable it to develop the practices it follows in its academic programs and to improve the service of students and members of the teaching and administrative staff, in addition to developing its financial and material resources, community service and quality management strategies.

The faculty works to achieve its vision, mission and goals derived from the vision and mission of the university, and adopts a philosophy based on a set of core values that come at the forefront of comprehensive quality, in addition to upgrading knowledge, scientific honest, working with a team spirit, commitment to development and modernization, and the encouragement of scientific research, in order to create a global thinking environment that incubates creativity and innovation. Scientific research constitutes an important dimension in the development of the college and its distinction. The results of scientific research are published in indexed international journals