International Refereed Conference of the Faculty of Media "Media between speech and intellectual security"
5/16-18/2017 The idea of the conference: The media is one of the most important social and cultural means in addressing and spreading the culture of tolerance and combating extremism. The media plays many roles in creating and shaping the awareness of different social strata through the widespread use of contemporary media away from censorship and social restrictions due to its artistic features. The conference sheds light on the nature of the media's handling of hate speech and intellectual security according to all media content and forms in a time of disclosure. The conference seeks to identify the methods adopted in addressing this type of content in order to present contemporary visions that establish an action plan and an executive program in order to neutralize hate speech and promote a culture of tolerance and moderation and acceptance of the other opinion and the development of citizenship values and focus on tolerance between religions and respect for the values and beliefs of others based on employment Optimization of communication techniques in the production of media materials.
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The International Refereed Conference "Media Awareness Discourse between Sharia and Law
30-31/3/2016 The conference was held in partnership with the faculties of law and Sharia, the idea of the conference looked at terrorism as an old phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of religions, homelands and times, The conference discussed its danger which has spread and increased in light of the information and communication revolution, and the lack of religious awareness and legal legislation. The major threats to the youth of the Arab Islamic nation are the dark currents that continue to threaten social peace and economic security at the local, regional, and global levels. Therefore, it is the responsibility of specialists from Sharia, law, and media scholars to cooperate in developing appropriate strategies for prevention and search for the most effective means of treatment for the scourge of terrorism. Hence the idea of this conference.
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International Refereed Conference. The Role of Sharia, Law and Media in Combating Terrorism
The period 13-14/5/2015 The conference was held in partnership with the faculties of law and Sharia, the main idea of the conference is that the awareness discourse suffers from chaos, multiplicity of opinions and jurisprudence and their divergence. Awareness discourse also suffered from the lack of commitment to the standards of freedom of expression of legitimate and legal visions, which led to the deepening of differences within the Arab and Islamic societies, and led also to the emergence of extremist ideological currents. Therefore, this conference came to shed light on this issue from all its various aspects, and to come up with recommendations that contribute to prevention and treatment.
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media creativity forum
4-8/5/2019, The forum was held in partnership with the "We Are All Jordan" Commission, Khabarni website, Radio Dahab, Radio Farah, and Radio Mazaj. The idea of the forum came with the aim of stimulating media students in Jordan. It is the first of its kind in the Kingdom that is concerned with deepening knowledge and developing methods of thought and research aiming at bringing positive change and stimulate creativity in media work. In confirmation of our aim first season to encourage students to present their work and professional achievements, within multiple aspects that meet the ambitions of the participants, we are determined to achieve this goal to expand the scope of participation, stimulate qualitative media work that depends on a culture of imagination and challenge in content and distinctive media forms, To present development issues in new ways, in order to introduce the achievements of innovators in the field of media, and to increase students' culture on sustainable development issues.
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