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Vision, Mission & Core Values
The faculty’s vision stems from its belief that it is one of the most prominent sources that provide media institutions with graduates who are able to practice media work with high professionalism and objectivity. Hence, the comprehensive vision of this faculty came to be effective in graduating students with scientific and professional competence, enabling them to keep pace with the rapid media developments and providing high-level academic programs characterized by modernity, and to elevate the faculty graduates to the level of excellence and high competitiveness to supply the local and Arab market with distinctive media competencies.

Carrying the science message associated with working in the various fields of media to meet the needs of the local, Arab and international labor market, and qualify scientific competencies that serve the labor market and society.

The objectives of the Faculty of Media stem from the main goals of Zarqa University, which focus on deepening students ’knowledge and thought, and urging them to conduct scientific research and investigate accuracy in order to serve the community through:
  1. Keeping pace with the technical development related to the print, audiovisual media production systems.
  2. Keeping pace with the scientific development in the fields of media production and marketing.
  3. Training students on how to use technical devices to develop their media and technical skills.
  4. Providing a positive environment that stimulates creativity and develops personal abilities and skills.
  5. Helping students to obtain appropriate training in various media institutions.
  6. Spreading knowledge and strengthening scientific research cooperation with local, Arab and international scientific institutions.
  • Comprehensive quality.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Encouraging scientific research.
  • Self-learning and continuing education.
  • Commitment to the ethics of the journalistic and media profession.
  • Professionalism at work.
  • Critical thinking as a basis for creativity.
  • An understanding of the cultural, religious and linguistic diversity in the local, regional and global levels.
  • Adopting modern communication technology.
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