Academics Faculty of Media Vision, Mission & Objectives
Vision, Mission & Objectives


The faculty has the vision to hold a distinguished position locally and regionally in the areas of journalism and media studies, academic research, and community service. In addition, the faculty strives to equip its graduates with the state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge in the field of journalism and media studies. 
To full fill the need of the local and regional market with highly skilled media graduates.  Also, to continue to serve knowledge and community through the various works the faculty strives to achieve and accomplish. 
Faculty Objectives
The faculty seeks to teach, train, and build qualified media professionals who are theoretically and practically competent to serve the community and can contribute to the overall development of the country. 
The college’s objectives are:
• Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments in print, radio, and televised media productions.
• Keeping up to date with the latest scientific developments in media technologies and marketing.
• Training students to use technical devices to develop their media and technical skills.
• Providing an environment that stimulates creativity, and the latest journalistic skills.
• Assisting students to obtain the most appropriate training opportunities that match their talents in local media institutions.
• Spreading knowledge through making collaborations with other co0mmunity and higher education institutions locally and internationally.


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