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Conferences held by the faculty

  1. 2020 Sixth Scientific Day: ((Legislative Amendments: Real Estate Ownership Law, Labor Law)).
  2. 2019 Arab International Conference: (Development Prospects in the Arab World) in cooperation with Assiut University / Egypt.
  3. 2018 Fifth Scientific Day: ((Rumor and its impact on society)).
  4. 2017 Fourth Scientific Day: ((The rule of law is the basis of the civil state)).
  5. 2016 Conference on the Role of Sharia, Law and Media in Combating Terrorism - International, Scientific and Arbitrator.
  6. 2015 Joint Law Faculty Conference (Awareness Media Discourse Conference between Sharia and Law).
  7. 2011 the second scientific day: ((fair trial guarantees in international covenants and their applications in Jordanian criminal legislation).
  8. 2011 Scientific Day (Human Rights and Women's Rights).
  9. 2009 Scientific Day ((Social Security between Reality and the Future)).
  10. 2001 Second Law Faculty Conference (Human Rights in Sharia and Law / Challenges and Solutions).
  11. 1998 First Student Conference of the Faculty of Law.