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Dean’s Speech

Dear students, the Faculty of Law at Zarqa University welcomes you to to its website. Through this visit, you can learn about the Faculty of Law, which was established in 1994 with the beginning of the university's founding. It is one of the distinguished faculties at the local and regional levels, as teaching began in the academic year 1993-1994. The Faculty of Law will remain the sanctuary of truth and justice, and the crucible that enriches Jordan with its proud sons, of sincere scholars, judges and men who correct the path and check performance, and they are spread across all agencies and institutions. The Faculty of Law will remain the fortress concerned with raising the word of law and bringing down the judgment of the judiciary concerned with the idea of legality and deepening the concept of truth and justice.
The Faculty, with its academic and administrative cadres, works to provide the full requirements of the optimal educational process, and strives with all its might to develop students' skills and inform them of everything new in the world of law and its various applications, and the use of modern technologies in this, You are up to the responsibility, and you are as the leadership of the nation wanted you to be, the knights of change, who will contribute with others to building your nation.
In its continuous endeavor to achieve its goal of building a qualified and competent legal generation, the Faculty is also working on reviewing study plans, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate students, and developing them in line with legal developments, whether at the local or international levels, in order for the faculty graduates to be familiar with the issues of the time and at the same time keen to develop the legal capabilities in the future and advance them to the ranks of developed countries.
The Faculty of Law at Zarqa University believes in the necessity of providing a sound and exemplary study environment for our dear students, the college has provided a sophisticated building for it that contains spacious and exemplary teaching halls. The faculty also provided a mock courtroom and provided it with all the necessary equipment in order to link the theoretical side with the practical side of the students and provide them with the applied skills of the law, in addition to allocating special rooms for our dear students in the field of graduate studies, all in order to provide the necessary requirements for the success of the academic and educational process in the Faculty of Law.
Finally, it is necessary to point out the faculty's keenness, through this website, to put the honorable visitors in the form of everything that is new and useful regarding its activities, plans and programs, and that it promises them to constantly develop the services of this website to meet their need for knowledge, in the hope that visitors to this website will find what they need as it is our media window to introduce our faculty, its various objectives, and its scientific activities.
My prayers are for everyone to succeed, and that we work with sincerity to the highest ranks, and that God Almighty crowns our work by seeing our students reaching the highest positions and thus we have fulfilled the trust in the best way.