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Human Rights Club

The Faculty of Law, like other Faculties at Zarqa University, seeks to develop the personality of its students through the participation of students in many scientific and social activities and events inside and outside the university, and in order to achieve this main goal, the Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the Deanship of Students Affairs, established the Human Rights Club, where the club is supervised by Dr. Mohamed Al-Zawahra / club advisor.

Vision and Mission
Our vision stems from the philosophy of our university, which is to build a democratic student society in which exists the values of dignity, freedom, justice, tolerance, and respect, and to contribute to building the personality of a committed and conscious university student who knows his rights and duties, for every human being has a mission and the fulfillment of the sacred mission is a duty.
Club Goals
  1. Spreading democratic awareness among students.
  2. Familiarizing students with their rights and duties.
  3. Promoting the values of citizenship and patriotism.
  4. Promoting students' pride of the stable political system in Jordan and its role in the distinguished university performance.
  5. Spreading the principles of human rights.
The most prominent activities
  1. Training and legal debates.
  2. Training and mock trials.
  3. Courses specializing in the legal aspect.
  4. Visits to courts, rehabilitation centers, and relevant civil society institutions.
For affiliation with the club please refer to the student bodies' supervisor / Deanship of Student Affairs
For more information, please see the Student Clubs Instructions in the Student Handbook